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Green Leaves


LAYNE MAGNUSON President & General Manager Metro Motors Ltd. (Ford)

Our Stores, Metro Ford, and Magnuson Ford have enjoyed working with Adnan for the past few years. We are completely satisfied with his professionalism, his creativity, his flexibility to work with us, and his personality.

If you are ever in need of the type of service that requires Adnan’s type of expertise, I am certain you would be more than satisfied.

We use him exclusively for our production, now and will continue to use him as long as we use the media that requires this production.

I would personally be willing to discuss our satisfaction with anyone that wants a reference or anything relevant.

I am happy to comment.

C. BOELEMA,Owner/Operator- Full Bloom Lavender Farm

We own a family-run lavender farm and wanted a way to share the farm’s story, while also showing how incredibly beautiful the fields are during the bloom. Adnan went over everything with us: from our goals to the best way to show the farm’s features. He made insightful suggestions we hadn’t thought of. The video he put together is incredible and many people tell us the reason the hey came to visit was because of that video. He’s great to work with: professional, detailed, courteous and creative.

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